How QUASA is Disrupting Two Industries at Once: Remote Work and Home Work?

How Are Digital Marketplaces Disrupting Industries?

Digital marketplaces operate in a familiar way. They connect two interested parties — typically a buyer and a seller, but it may also be a client/service practitioner relationship. (Occasionally, you also find a true barter marketplace with traders instead of buyers/sellers).

  • Lower costs for consumers
  • Greater consumer choice, enabling consumer empowerment
  • Democratized access to services and products traditionally monopolized or gatekept
  • Free marketing and other perks for sellers and service practitioners.

What Industries Are Being Disrupted by QUASA’s Digital Marketplace?

Homework, Repair and Maintenance

The Quasa Connect app put homeowners in contact with freelance journeyers, repair people, and maintenance specialists in order to bypass costly fiat-only repair companies. The arrangement helps keep price fixing and opaque pricing in check by allowing consumers to dictate the terms of the arrangement.

Remote work

There is a deadly fight going on between corporations who want people back in the office and people who want to never set foot in an office but work where they want to live.


Quasa Connect app.



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